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Dungeon’s Anima is an upcoming cooperative Action Roguelite with Bullet Hell mechanics for up to 4 players  (via Online and local co-op).

Arise as the last undead foot-soldier guarding the Dungeon of your slain master. Imbued with the last of the Dungeon Heart's power, you must collect the souls of your enemies and claim back your dominion after almost facing eradication at the hands of the Human Empire in a dark-fantasy, medieval-steampunk-based world.


With the support of the Dungeon Heart, bring the fight back to the humans and harvest their soul-power to unlock new abilities, obtain new playable classes and rebuild your fallen kingdom.


Game features:

  • Evolving Archetypes: A class system with 12+ evolving archetypes.

  • Flexible Class-building: Choose 3 classes per run and rotate them mid-battle.

  • Personalized Skills: Choose and personalize character skills for varied playstyles.

  • Rock-paper-scissor System: Adds advantages and disadvantages based on character attributes.

  • Roguelite Meta-progression: Collect adversaries' souls to upgrade base, main character, and classes.

  • Complex AI System: Enables complex enemy behavior based on roles reacting to player actions.

  • Shared Life-pool: Multiplayer sessions with a shared life pool.

  • Local and Online Co-op: Multiplayer for up to 4 players.

  • Procedural Asset-based Maps: Dynamic challenges and events with various rewards.

  • High Replay Value: Complex upgrade paths, different story mode endings, and various game modes.

Coming soon to:


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The core mechanic centers on gathering souls from adversaries, particularly emphasizing bosses and elites. This collection process unlocks new 'essences,' manifesting as usable classes that players can switch to mid-battle for varied skill usage. These classes can be evolved and customized, enabling a dynamic and adaptable gameplay experience.

Bring 3 classes per Run

Change classes in real-time

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